koziol is a German brand based on design collections for kitchen products, bathroom and home, present in more than 50 countries.

Koziol is a German family company established in 1927. Manufacturer of figurines First, Koziol turned to production of alloy plastic items for home, with the aim to be both useful, attractive and originals at the same time!

The name became a recognized brand that stands out for its unique design and excellent quality. Often copied, the quality of Koziol design has never been equaled.

Initially Koziol made ??themselves known by the invention of the dream globe, since the brand introduced the design into millions of houses.

The values of Koziol are looking for originality and respect of the environment:

To imagine its products, Koziol worked with famous designers but also design schools. This collaboration with their internal team were born several icons of modern times. Many were rewarded with prizes.

The company Koziol is also distinguished by a production technology constantly improving, while respecting the environment in using Bisphenol A and recycled plastic on 100%.

The choice of colors and material are strict. The color pigments used, are coming only from Germany and are specially adapted for the manufacture of raw materials molding. All dyes used in this production are certified and found not harmful to health.

Koziol uses only German and French thermoplastic materials processed by injection molding. Heated to a temperature of 180 to 250 °, the particles are transformed into a fluid mass which is injected at high pressure into a mold. The molten material will become cold and solidify. Then the mold can be opened and reject the product.

Koziol opened a few years ago a “ Glücksfabrik’’ means “makes happiness” to make people discover their world. The idea is to present in a few steps their production place. This museum is a real success with the locals and even beyond, so do not hesitate to visit us !

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